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Jiangsu FLOHAR Lamps Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the earliest provincial famous road lighting engineering design and installation enterprise , the most professional solar LED outdoor lighting manufacturer in China. And FLOHAR is your reliable solar lighting solution provider. Since FLO…




  • 09-04 2019 Fighting for the Golden Season
    July and August are the golden seasons for our company. The company takes the overall situation into consideration and cooperates with each other to stagger peak production and meet the high temperature. On the one hand, it fully guarantees the timel
  • 04-10 2019 Flohar Company Deeply Constructs Learning Enterprise
    Faced with the new development situation, it is a general trend to build a new corporate culture, improve the internal quality of employees, intensify R&D efforts, and take the road of connotation development and innovation-driven. Under such cir
  • 12-05 2018 The First Women's Congress was solemnly held in Flohar Company
    November 28th, the meeting room of Flohar Company was warm and warm. The first women's Congress of Flohar Company was solemnly held here. Thirty-three women representatives from various workshops and departments of the company attended the meetin
  • 11-29 2018 High-tech Zone Enterprises Care for Next Generation Conference was held in our company.
    November 21, 2018, the working meeting of the Enterprise Closing Committee of Gaoyou High-tech Zone (Senqiao Town) was held in Jiangsu Flohar Lamps Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Representatives of six enterprises from the high-tech zones who intend to esta
  • 07-16 2018 60W solar street light construction installation instructions
    The installation of solar street lights is basically the same as the installation process of traditional street lamps, but there are differences, especially the installation of solar panels and batteries. Solar street lamp installation and constructi
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