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Fighting for the Golden Season

July and August are the golden seasons for our company. The company takes the overall situation into consideration and cooperates with each other to stagger peak production and meet the high temperature. On the one hand, it fully guarantees the timely delivery of Shaanxi high-speed ETC project, and at the same time, it achieves regular production.


1. Vice President of Production Heguo Yao: Since the company undertook the Shanxi project, he has been entrusted by the chairman of the board to organize raw materials, coordinate sites, personnel and funds; coordinate internal links between galvanizing, welding and other processes, as well as safety production and scientific arrangements for staggered peak production, all in an orderly manner, busy but not disorderly manner.

2. Gold medal salesman Shoubing Xu: He persevered for a long time and formed a good relationship. Finally, he accumulated a lot of money and won the project of Shanxi Communications Group at one stroke. After undertaking this project, Shoubing Xu organized raw materials, docked drawings, supervised production, supervised quality, coordinated transportation, underground and industrial goods, all inside and outside the chain. He also frequently travels between Jiangsu and Shanxi to coordinate the relationship with Party A.




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