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Flohar Company Deeply Constructs Learning Enterprise

Faced with the new development situation, it is a general trend to build a new corporate culture, improve the internal quality of employees, intensify R&D efforts, and take the road of connotation development and innovation-driven. Under such circumstances, which enterprise can take the lead is to win the opportunity for future development. The board of directors of Jiangsu Flohar Lamps Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has decided to encourage the employees of the company, who are about 45 years old and have certain learning ability, to improve their academic qualifications through learning efforts; to encourage young employees to actively apply for various certificates required by the qualifications of builders, engineers (including senior engineers), safety workers, materials workers and constructors, and to be awarded and funded by the company.


On the morning of March 13, 2019, Flohar Company held a working conference on staff continuing education. At the meeting, relevant responsible comrades made a preliminary interpretation of the forthcoming "Flohar Company's Academic Degree Promotion, Various Textual Research Awards and Subsidies" and sought the opinions of relevant personnel. Xingcai Hu, chairman of the board of directors, attended the meeting and mobilized from the perspective of the establishment of modern enterprise system and various challenges faced by the development of enterprises. He urged the forthcoming "Reward and Compensation Measures" to be strengthened and implemented as soon as possible. He also urged young workers to overcome their fear of suffering and quickly put it into action.


The young workers who attended the meeting were enthusiastic and eager to try. They were not only grateful for the company's reward and compensation policy for their personal study and textual research, but also aware of the shortcomings of their future development. They said that they would act quickly and actively participate in the upsurge of building learning enterprises.




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