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The First Women's Congress was solemnly held in Flohar Company

November 28th, the meeting room of Flohar Company was warm and warm. The first women's Congress of Flohar Company was solemnly held here. Thirty-three women representatives from various workshops and departments of the company attended the meeting.

 Xiaolin Ding, chairwoman of the Women's Federation of Gaoyou High-tech Zone, attended the meeting, and explained the situation of setting up the "Enterprise Women's Congress" in mature enterprises, and guided the meeting to proceed according to the procedure.

According to the relevant articles of association of Flohar Women's Congress, the delegates applauded and adopted the method of electing the first Flohar Women's Congress. Then, by secret ballot, seven executive members of the first Flohar Women's Congress were elected. On this basis, one chairman and two vice-chairmen of Flohar Women's Federation were created.Lei Hu, deputy general manager of the company graduated from Anhui University of Finance and Economics, was elected president of the First Women's Federation of Jiangsu Flohar Lamps Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Lei Hu made a statement after her election. She said that the women's Federation of the company should be built into an attractive and cohesive service-oriented organization to strengthen close ties with the broad masses of women.

Xingcai Hu, chairman of the company, and Sumei Zhang, general manager attended the meeting. Finally, the chairman made a warm speech. While congratulating the establishment of the company's first Women's Federation, he also encouraged women workers to "self-esteem, self-respect and self-improvement", so as to achieve success, not only to build their own happy home, but also to contribute to the "everyone" of Flohar Company.





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