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High-tech Zone Enterprises Care for Next Generation Conference was held in our company.

November 21, 2018, the working meeting of the Enterprise Closing Committee of Gaoyou High-tech Zone (Senqiao Town) was held in Jiangsu Flohar Lamps Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Representatives of six enterprises from the high-tech zones who intend to establish an enterprise shutdown committee attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Ruixiang Xia, Standing Deputy Director of the Working Committee of Sending Bridge Town Concern for the Next Generation. Delegates attended the meeting first observed the situation of Flohar Company. concerned about the position construction of the next generation working committee, and listened to the report and exchange of Flohar Company. Deputy General Manager Heguo Yao on the concern of Flohar Company. for the next generation work. We highly commend the achievements of the shutdown work of Flohar Company in recent years. Comrade Jun Zhao, member of the organization of the High-tech Zone, attended the meeting and made requirements and arrangements for the establishment of a working committee concerned about the next generation of enterprises in the whole town from three aspects of "ideological awareness, measures in place, and functions in place". Finally, Comrade Ruixiang Xia stressed that enterprises participating in the meeting should attach great importance to their duties. Responsibility and initiative should be taken as implementation and normal activities to achieve actual results. Six enterprises in the three districts should take the lead in demonstrating their concern for the next generation of work, setting an example for the whole town enterprises, promoting the normal development of enterprise shutdown work and promoting the comprehensive, healthy and harmonious development of enterprises.




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