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Jiangsu FLOHAR Lamps Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the earliest provincial famous road lighting engineering design and installation enterprise , the most professional solar LED outdoor lighting manufacturer in China. And FLOHAR is your reliable solar lighting solution provider. Since FLOHAR was founded in 1995, we have obtained 17 national patents, and we are the first to obtain ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO4001 international environmental system certification, China Environmental product certification certificate, 3C, CE, CQC and a series of management system certification and product inspection reports and other product certification certificates. At the same time, FLOHAR has secondary qualification of urban lighting and municipal general contracting qualification, and has won the famous trademark of Jiangsu and Yangzhou famous trademark. In 2017, FLOHAR actively respond to the national "The Belt and Road" initiative to develop exchanges and cooperation with the Ministry of foreign trade, more and The Belt and Road countries.After 23 years' development, FLOHAR has equipped with Galvanizing equipmentSteel Pole Rolling Machine, Spray Machine, Pressure Machine, Integrating Sphere, Lighting Simulating Machine, and Weather-ability Testing Machines, etc.

Since FLOHAR establishment, we has always adhered to the market concept of "integrity, innovation, customer first", constantly improving its own strength, creating an excellent team of talents, and constantly developing new energy such as LED, solar energy and wind energy in the field of traditional outdoor lighting. FLOHAR has strong technical force, complete detection means, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. In the future, we will pay more attention to the quality, the pursuit of excellence, and strive to practice the purpose of "product is human quality, the user's demanding is our pursuit", and the individual service is penetrated into the whole process of production and operation. We sincerely hope that in the future, we can get more trust and support from the majority of the users.



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