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Warmly welcome leaders to visit the company for inspection

On the afternoon of April 29th,Wang Rongshan,Deputy Secretay of the party commitee and Mayor of Songqiao Town,was accompanied by Wang Antian,member of the party committee of the high-tech Zone(Songqiao Town) and chairman of the town general trade union,and vice chairman Le Kaiping,went to the galvanizing workshop of Jiangsu Flohar Lamps Manufacturing Co,.Ltd and extended his warm sympathy to Comrade Zhao Wenjian,a model worker in Yangzhou who had just come down from the scaffolding of Crane Maintenance,and through him to convey the party committee of the Covernment and trade union organizations to all front-line industy workers holiday greetings.Liu Wei,executive vice-president of the Jiangsu Flohar Lamps Manufacturing Co,.Ltd,attended the event together.



One behalf of the trade union,mayor wang sent wenjian a condolence money.While talkong to zhao wenjian,mayor wang said kindly,you are a model worker working down to earth in the production line who is admirable!

In the reception room of the company,Mayor Wang and his party asked President Liu of the company about the production and operation situation since this year.When he learned that the intelligent galvanzing production line of the Flohar Group had reached production level smoothly and environmental protection and product quality level has been greatly improved,Mayor Wang was pleased.He also cordially encouraged the Flohar Group to continue to do a good job in technical transformation and upgrading.



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