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   Iron Man LED-120W

Iron Man LED-120W

    LED type SMD 5050

    Number of module 4

    LED current 53 mA

    Luminous efficiency 185

    Nominal luminous flux 16200

    Color temperature 5500 K

Features of 120 W LED lamps

LED type SMD 5050

Number of module 4

LED current 53 mA

Luminous efficiency 185

Nominal luminous flux 16200

Color temperature 5500 K

Minimum Lamp Life Depreciation Rate 100,000 Hours

Protection class IP66

Impact resistance IP10

Maximum temperature 50℃

Nature of optics Glass

Luminaire geometry

Horizontal and vertical tilt device Rectangular


Type of luminaire bodyDie casting Aluminum

10 / 1000hours fog test index

Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80

Supply voltage 90 - 305

24 LED dervices voltage

Beam angle 160

IOW Surge Protection Device

Power supply scaling level 1-1 OVI 5 kHz

LEDS operating voltage 220 / 240V AC

Frequency 50 Hz

Maximum power of the lamp (Led + power supply) 120 W

Cosine Phi

Total harmonic distortion 0.99

Luminaire dimensions 645 x 335 x 95.0 mm

Luminaire weight 9.4Kg

Opening device without tools, self-locking but with push button Interchangeable optical lens

Protection device against internal fogging and frosting: Silicone gasket ensuring IP66

   Diameter of the fixing bracket: Modular from 60 to 76 using an adapter 50 to 76)

   NORME-NF EN 13201, 61000-3-2,NF EN 62471, CE, RoHS,I,M79, I,M82, I,MR4

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